Managerial Communication Report Essay

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Communication 3300: Business and Professional Presentations


TO: Mr. Hopton
FROM: John Banders
SUBJECT: Managerial Report: Constructing Your Professional Business Image
DATE: December 13, 2007

In today's politically correct climate we are not supposed to give any credence to the fact that people can be and are routinely discriminated against because of their appearance. Unfortunately, in our politically correct world, perception is reality. Corporations of all sizes—big and small—go through great lengths to build a company's image and establish a good report with its customers. They also spend millions of dollars each year planning how to protect that image. Therefore, as it is vital
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• Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and conservative in color.
• Basic pumps with 1"-2" heel (no strappy sandals or platforms).
• Simple accessories. No visible body piercing.

Business Etiquette
Now that we've covered work attire, we can move on to that of business etiquette. Once again, Webster defines etiquette as the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. Keeping this fact in mind, ask yourself how are you upholding your professional image in business social settings? When someone approaches you at work, what is you demeanor? And finally, are you committing other atrocities against you image at the workplace? Vary rarely is it common and not consider unprofessional to the following:
• Accept a cell phone call from a family member while you're in a meeting or trying to help a customer (or accepting a call from anyone for that matter.) Only in emergencies is it okay to ignore someone in person for someone you can call back.
• Answering your phone with, "Hello?" This is a personal greeting that should be reserved for personal calls. During business hours, you should immediately identify your company and yourself. For example, "General Motors. This is Jim." Or if you want to sound more upbeat, "Welcome to General Motors. This is Jim speaking. How may assist your call today?" For most businesses, it's better to go with the more casual former greeting.