Essay about Manager's Workshop Report

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Buff Spalding 1
Jim Clemmons 2
Lisa Dolan 3
Wilson Thomas 5
John Crosby 7
APPENDIX 9 Summary of decisions and results for Buff: 9 Summary of decisions and results for Jim 10 Summary of decisions and results for Lisa 10 Summary of decisions and results for Wilson 11 Summary of decisions and results for John 11
THEORIES 12 Direction and Intensity Theory 12 Need Theory 12 Learning Theory 13 Goal Theory 13 Equity Theory 13 Expectancy Theory 14
CASES 14 Lumberjacks' Performance: 14 SAS Airline Reservation: 14 Motivating Nurses To Improve Attendance: 14 Meeting Employees' Needs With Flexible Benefits: 15 Reacting To The Equity Of Office Assignments 15 Applying
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It is obvious that an employee, whose needs are met, will improve his performance level in the near future.

Lisa Dolan

Lisa DOLAN has been working for Omega for five months. So she is relatively new sales representative at Omega. She was impressive in the interviews and had completed the company three weeks sales training program before beginning the job. Thus she showed great promise. Despite

of these successes, her performance of sales volumes was under the standard of 400 since she did not have enough work experience. She was making several errors in her sales calls. The root of this inadequacy in terms of sales volume can be seen as her having not enough work experience. She did not know what to do with it and she needed manager to help her in order to improve her skills. The manager can handle Lisa’s problem with Learning Theory, which is based on how behavior can be reinforced to be more likely for the future or be discouraged to be less likely for the future. Learning Theory emphasizes that people learn from consequences of their behavior. According to this theory, people pay attention to what happens after they choose particular behavior and people engage in behaviors that are followed by positive consequences. They learn behaviors