Managing Communication Knowledge & Information Essay

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Contents Introduction: 2 Discuss the range of decisions taken by managers at different levels of management at Viettin 3 Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure that the above decisions are effective 6 Assess internal and external sources of information and understand that managers need to collect 7 Justify recommendations for improvements in information and knowledge management and decision-making in the given organization 9 Identify possible stakeholders (both internal and external) for decision making process of CTG 10 Make contact with stakeholders and collect required information by designing a survey related to the awareness and interests on Viettin products and services. Analyse your findings and prepare …show more content…
This is the strategic decision from top management. The Middle Management.
In CTG, the middle management presents of the main departments of the corporation, for the case if CTG, the middle management is not only provides the informative decisions, its responsible for the internal auditing for some functions, with the special characterizes are routine tasks in a certain period of time, and the operations will be related to the economy’s scenario.
For example: one of the most important of functions in CTG is the internal auditing groups, these groups are responsible to understand fully the change of economy systems in order to adjust the decisions and distribute it to the lower level, and also report to the higher level.
The tactical decisions are provided from the middle management usually come from some below departments:
Financial & Planning: this department takes responsibility for every function which relate to financial aspects, and planning the business plan to future based on the requirements of top management level.
Human Resources: HR always be one of the most important in every corporation in over the world, within CTG, HR is responsible for the human allocated to different position and different given tasks, the decisions from HR also quite important to the whole corporation because it represents for the labor force policies and working environment.
Public Relations & Marketing: