Managing Financial Resources Essay

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Assignment Managing Financial Resources

Author: Peter Neirynck
Learning Team: Regional Group B – TIE team
Date: October 29, 2007

Management Summary

This paper analyses critically the financial performance management within IBM Software Group Belgium and IBM Southwest IOT.

In order to understand how the financial reporting is an enabler for the execution of the corporate strategy, we analyse the published financial information, the budgeting cycle and short term decision process inside IBM, each on various levels from business unit to geo-level.

The main finding is that the financial processes are very well structured within IBM, and lead to correct financial
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Integrated Market Teams (IMTs) — individual countries or small clusters of countries. Pricing decisions, marketing programs, sales cadences and the other things we do to meet the needs of our clients will happen in these IMTs and be executed in an integrated fashion. Most of our talent will work in IMTs where they can have a direct influence on enabling our clients' success.

Integrated Operating Teams (IOTs) — supporting these IMTs. IOT staffs will be small with about 200 people each. Staffed with top talent, these lean teams will enable worldwide programs and develop brand business. There will be two IOTs — Northeast Europe based in Zurich and Southwest Europe based in Madrid.


Figure 5: IOT & IMT structures in IBM EMEA

Global centers of excellence — aggregating competencies to better support our business. As a high-value solutions provider, IBM must also link its own processes end-to-end so that we can deliver our on demand business proposition. From order entry to systems configuration, from delivery and installation to client inquiries, everything has to be connected across product lines so that we can deliver complete solutions. Our global centers of excellence, which were established several years ago, will be expanded to help increase economies of scale and provide better support to our business.

4 IBM Belgium & Luxembourg

1 General

IBM Belgium, as part of the BeNeLux IMT, is a sales and marketing