Managing Human Resources: Aes Corporation Case Essay

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Managing Human Resources: AES Corporation Case

Final Exam Case
MGT 412

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Frank Rizzo

AES Overview:
AES managers exemplify the leadership it takes to run an HR-minded organization. Leadership is mandatory for the success of AES as the organization continues to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. The core competency of AES is the core values that all their employees follow. Bakke’s description of the purpose of AES is “to steward resources to meet the needs of society. AES strategic goal is to continue its success to meet the needs of society but to do this AES has established the most impressive HR-minded culture that all their employees perform. AES employees are given the
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AES will improve customer service by providing a higher base compensation which wll create a greater stable and able workforce.

2. Taking the long view: It is stated in the AES case that employees are welcomed to take on new project even if they have no experience. Bakke has stressed the goal of making “every person a business person” which AES encourages employees to do new things but in the short-run I believe this is efficient. If they need to be quick in acting to the changes in external environment their staff will act slow because they don’t have enough experience in a certain field and this will hurt AES. Taking the long view works for the long-run problems that might come up later in the growth of the organization.

3. Measurement of practices: The measurement of practices is revolved around what the corporation has done in the past for example their monthly feedback forms evaluate what AES has done but rather it should state what AES ought to be doing to sustain its competitive advantage.

Strategic Mission of AES
A strategic mission statement in very simple terms it explains the company’s purpose and the reason for existence. AES purpose or mission is “to steward resources to meet the needs of society. This statement is followed up by a set of four core values.

1. Integrity-AES strives to act with integrity and all of its activities
2. Fairness-AES aspires to give everyone