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LO1: Understand processes for recruiting individuals to work in health and social care.

Working in a care house in the sector of managing human resources, you are told that the care house was in expansion, so there is the need of a plan for a recruitment of individuals to work in this care house. The principal point is to make a plan following the recruit for the necessary personnal needed to cover the care house expansion. The personal in MHR in the care house can centrate on the succession planning, which involves identifying personal that is already in the company and developing their potential in the company. This can be aford by creating a link between what the company needs and the needs and aspirations of the employees. When the employers recognise that the company has made an effort on developing their carrer like investing time, attention and have work with them so they can have better skills at work, can be considered good planning because they will not want to leave the company, so if the company keeps rewarding the good employers, this will erase the need of looking for a better job in another place. There are more factors to be considered like the human resources requirements. This means that it will considered a number of factors like the cost it will have; the time taken for recruitment and for the selection of new personal for the care house; it will have a focus on the laboral market such as the occupation, profession and skills that the person interviewed has and if it is the neccesary one for the job; the place of residence if it is near of far, because in case of emergency if they live near is much more handier; and of course there is the legislation that has to be followed for the protection of their own security and of the patient that are living in the care house. The need of the time that a new worker is needed can be proceded by fulltime or part-time, it may be handier to have a more flexible rota and work less hours, just in the critical hours when more carers are needed, for example, or it may be better to pay more hours to the same carer and get it to develop more roles in the care house. Is important to make a good job description so that people looking for this types of job will find them easier and for that the people who aply are the ones the care house is looking for, and is also important to describe the type of person its being look for like the laboral experience in other care houses, the qualifications in taking care about patient and the personal attributes which are the correct ones for managing a good devolepment of the job. Another important part is the advertising: which type of vacancies there are, like a basic carer, a team leader carer, a manager leader; have in mind the opportunities for carers working there that can make a progression in their carrers which will help the good enviroment of the carer house if the staff working there are working in good conditions; and training all new and old staff for making everyone be actualiced in all new advances, and development needs so that the care house has someone working with all the required skills and the carers feel they are developing in their career.

Working in a care house as a MHR, and planning to look for someone to work in our care house, there must be a selection, recruitment and employment of some individuals but before this happens it has to be done by following the legislative and policy frameworks that affects to the care house. The main point of following the laws is to make sure that everyone is in the legislation that protects everyone from discrimination and harassment. This employment legislation has three main areas: employment standards, health and safety and labour relations. Applying this legislations to health and safety there are some very important ones related to it, for example Health and Safety at work and code of practice. In our case study, there has been