Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge of Gate Gourmet Essay examples

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Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge of Gate Gourmet
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Abstract 4

1.0 Introduction 5
2.0 About Gate Gourmet 5
3.0 Systems that enable efficient use of input resources and their impact on output of goods and services supplied by Gate Gourmet 6 3.1 Transformation Process 6 3.2 Production Techniques 6 1. Cuisine Sous-Vides 6 2. Hot Filling 6 3. Modified Atmosphere Packing 6 4. Food Safety Checks and Assurance Systems
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As the method is very easy to learn, it helps in better control and reasonable results every time (PolyScience). 2. Hot Filling This technology is very easy to handle even by unskilled workers. This high temperature helps in the sterilisation of bottles and other equipments to maintain the high quality standards. 3. Modified Atmosphere Packing The technology helps in expanding the shelf life of fresh food products. The modified atmosphere packing technology substitutes the atmospheric air inside the package with the protective gas mix which ensures that the product will stay fresh for long time. The company used this technology for packing of red meats, fruits and vegetables. This helped to achieve the minimal spoilage of the input resources and lowers the costs. The company has established sophisticated machineries for this purpose (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). 4. Food Safety Checks and Assurance Systems The company voluntarily follows HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure food safety. The company inspects every vehicle that delivers the raw materials, check by digital probe food temperatures during the production and delivery process, temperature checks on every batch food; every dish and surface is cleaned while food preparation, this helps in production and