Essay on Managing Projects

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Assignment SIM335 Managing Projects
Task 1
1) Network Diagram (activity on the node).
The Network Diagram is a method for project planning and –control. It is the graphical version of planned sequence of work. The Metra Potenzial Method (MPM) shows every process that has to be made in a project as a node. To represent the context between the activities the nodes are connected with arrows.
The Network Diagram (Appendix 1.0) has been drawn based on the table 1 to show the activities at Hansdon Ltd for a solution to allow customer admissions to sports facilities.

2) Timing of activities and Total Float.
The determination of timing from activity A to R has to be made by forward and backward pass. To forward pass we need the earliest
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In the past I have made similar projects, like the initial opening of “Body and Soul”, a fitness and wellness centre. Therefore I know the requisitions and risks of a project like this. Moreover this is the reason why I am also one of the Lead Consultants of the project. My job is to organize the initial opening and the necessary operational requirements. In addition I give advice to the owners of the facility to occupy suitable employees. Besides I work together with the team of Dennis Ltd, especially the Lead Consultants, the Administration staff and the Marketing Officers, but also with a contact person of the local authority. From the city council I get help from an employee from the construction and planning sector, as well as from the sports and culture sector, for specialised questions. I also stay in close contact to the General Manager because he decides about difficult question, especially for budget. Moreover I asked an event management company for help, to organize the launch party and the marketing campaign, in addition to the Marketing Officers from Dennis Ltd.
Project Charter
“Project Charter is a document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorize the existence of a project, and provides the project manager with authority to apply organizational resources to project activities” PMBOK Handbook, Burke, 2003, p. 368. Project Charter is a one of the most important tools in a project. It should include important details like, the