Essay on Managing Strategic Change on Nokia’s High-End Smartphone Segment

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Managing Strategic Change on Nokia’s high-end Smartphone segment

Background 3
Problem statement: 4
Objective: 4
Research questions: 4
Methodology 5
Research activities planned: 5
Research approach: 6
Research Design: 6
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The high-end Smartphone market segment has developed tremendously in the recent years. The beginning of this growth was marked by Apple introduction of its first iPhone, which has managed to change the whole industry . Since then technological companies like Samsung, LG, HTC and Nokia have strived to get a valuable market share, offering a superior value to its customers,
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Research approach:

The research will be based on the deductive approach. The analysis will be built on the theoretical framework developed in the Literature review and further expanded in the Secondary research of this work. The theory models developed will be crucial in building the structure of the research and should help getting to valuable results.
Research Design:

 The research strategy chosen will be an exploratory study, as it involves in its structure a literature search of the current activities on the high-end Smartphone market and conducting interviews with a Nokia representative.
 The data collected will be mostly qualitative, where the aim is to create a complete, detailed description of a new strategy after exploring all information available. Thus this written work will be a qualitative research.
 Concerning the time period, the research is longitudinal; the relevant materials are selected between September 2010 and April 2011 and reflect a time period of four years (between 2007 and 2011). Thus the research focuses on analysis of related to Nokia’s business activities and how they evolved in four years time on the high-end Smartphone market.
 Ethical issues in the process of researching could be connected with the use of Nokia’ business information. Some of the sources will be obtained by conducting interviews with a Nokia representative, the answers of which may need to be kept confidential, used