Managing Up Unit 1 Psmp Assignment Wanna Case Study Review Essay

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Wanna, J 2007, ‘Improving federalism: drivers of change, repair options and reform scenarios’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 275 – 279.
Purpose (What is the author’s aim? For example, is the piece descriptive or does it summarise the literature or introduce a new argument? Is the author trying to convince, persuade, or inform the reader? Use a verb.) (59)
The author aims to inform the reader of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for reform of federalism by summarizing the discussions of the round table held in May 2007.

Argument/Finding (What position did the author take? What were their main points? What are their claims/conclusions?) (75)
The focus of debate surrounded
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(Wanna 2007) This point is contrasted by the clear view stated in the Commonwealth Government, Budget paper in 2009 that advocates strongly for demarcation of role and function.

Part 2: Minor assignment Diagnostic Essay (1000 words, 65 marks)
Write a critical essay about Federalism on the following topic: Discussing the outcome of a Roundtable discussion of federalism in Australia, John Wanna reported that "...all three levels of government - Commonwealth, state/territory and local - tended to see federalism as a malaise, not as a source of effective government" (Wanna 2007: 276). What might be the reasons for this negative view of our system of government? What steps might be taken to overcome it?
This essay, authored by XXXXXXXXXX, critically discusses Wanna’s statement, “that federalism is seen as a malaise” (Wanna, 2007) This paper will question this statement and explore steps to overcome the barriers to effective government. The recommendations of the roundtable focused on adapting and improving the current system, which demonstrates that the system despite its limitations is entrenched in our political context and provides a stable form of Government moving forward.
This essay explores the criticisms of federalism by examining the vertical fiscal