Managment: Customer Service Manager Essay

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As AET’s Customer service Manager my main strategy is to follow ten main points which will eventually fill the gap between AET transports mission to provide quality customer service with formal process and organized way for working with customers

1. Recruit and train the right people

People with the right attitude are essential to building a successful customer service approach – “hire for attitude, train for skills” should be the maxim. Once in place, a planned training program in both job skills and people skills must be maintained. This is not an area for cost cutting if the market gets tough. Consider formal customer service qualifications for all staff which means that I should recruit and train people with the right attitude and good skills . It will help in providing customers with good services .

2. Happy Staff = Happy Customers

Staff retention is crucial to your organization improving customer service excellence. Research shows clearly that staff stay when they are happy and respect the organization for which they work. Efforts should therefore be directed at recognition and development programs to determine potential, and a well-though–out career plan structure. As a customer service manager I will introduce such schemes like giving bonus and incentives to my staff which will make then loyal and eventually better performance and they will provide better customer services

3. Recognise the importance of customer loyalty