Managment: Learning and Study Tools Essay

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On average, how much time per week do you think you spend on this course?
I have spent on average 40 plus hours a week in this class. The other classes I have taken online have been less time but, I have only taken math classes and a religion class so far. It seems like there is a lot of reading and I for one am the type of person that has to read and re-read to understand and comprehend what I have read. This was a fun and interesting class I have learned a lot.
Did you use the Study Tools on the Publisher’s web site?
Yes, I used the study tools on the web site. I found it very helpful when it was time for me to take a quiz it helped me prepare and know more information than what I have just been reading.
How useful did you find the review terms? Should I continue with it?
I found the list of review terms very helpful in studying. I only had a list of review terms for a few weeks maybe there was a problem and I didn’t get them for every week. I do think you should continue them for all of your future class, I do think they should be for every week though. I found it was a big help when reading and studying to refer back to things I didn’t understand.
Was there one (or more) online assignment that was particularly time consuming in relation to the others?
No, I spent the same amount of time on the first week as I did on every week following. The same amount of reading and researching the assignments.
Advising a student who is planning to take this course.
First, at the beginning of every week read over all the material for that week’s assignments.