Mandatory Uniforms In High Schools

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School uniforms have a plethora of advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of mandatory uniforms in all high schools in Ontario far outweigh the cons. Obligatory school uniforms would reduce bullying in schools, students will still have freedom to express themselves and students will have more school pride.

To begin, mandatory school uniforms in high schools would diminish the amount of bullying. Students will no longer be bullied because they are wearing different clothes due to the families financial position, the seasonal trends and popular brands. With an entire student body dressing alike, there is no pressure for students to fit in and spend their money on clothes that follow the latest trends. As well as every student is equal, no one is seen as better because of how they dress. Similarly, no one is lesser due to how they dress. Bullying because of appearance and how people dress would overall
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Students will be proud to be at the school because they are wearing uniforms that either have the school colours or the logo on it. Students will also be more involved in school activities such as clubs, sports teams, student council and extra-curriculars. There would also be a noticeable academic improvement. Due to the fact that the students are proud of their school, they would want to achieve higher marks to make the school stand out against the others. The uniforms would influence the students to be more active in their academic life both inside and outside the classroom.

A decrease in bullying, freedom of self expression and school pride are just a few of the advantages of having school uniforms. Having mandatory uniforms will contribute to the overall success of the school and the students as well as unify the student body. School uniforms should be made mandatory in all high schools across Ontario. Uniforms can reduce the stress on the students by simplifying their