Mandrill Research Paper

Words: 280
Pages: 2

What animal do you think a Mandrill is? A Mandrill is a monkey. Mandrills are omnivores.You will learn about the Mandrill and it’s way’s. This essay will provide information in the Mandrill and its appearance, Habitat and Diet, Interesting facts about the Mandrill.

First, let’s talk about the Mandrill’s appearance. The Mandrill is olive green ,black or gray. It’s belly color is white. It’s nose color is red and blue. it has a yellow chin. It’s rump is red, pink, blue, scarlet, purple. Therefore the Mandrill appearance is interesting.

Furthermore, the Habitat and Diet of the Mandrill is an herbivore and a carnivore. It eats omnivores like plants and animals. The Mandrill eats omnivore’s, berries, nuts, fruit, mushrooms, bark seeds,