Examples Of Learning Management Plan

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Management Plan for Weeks 3 and 4 of Teaching)

Teachers ____________ Students Alex, Ava, Emily, Nathan_____________________ Grade level 3rd_____

|Expectations (Describe and Define) |Preventative Strategy |
|1. Raise hand when you want to talk |Have this rule posted during the entire lesson. |
| | |
|2. Be responsible for own materials (Getting them before the lesson and |Have a list of materials need posted on the board so the students see it right when they come into the room. It will |
|putting them away at the end of the lesson) |remind them to get that material before sitting down. |
| | |
|3. Engage in active learning (Participate in lesson and ask questions if |Have rule posted during the entire lesson. |
|needed.) | |
| | |
|Planned methods for teaching Expectation 1 (Beginning of the lesson) |
|Instruction (definition, rationale, |Day 1: Beginning: Have a visual of the rule. Explicitly go over the rule with the students before the lesson starts. Ask Nathan repeat the rule back to you.|
|specific steps, etc.) |(He is the student that is having the most trouble with this rule.) |
| | |
|Group discussion (students give |Day 2: Beginning: Teachers will demonstrate what it looks like to raise your hand and wait to be called on. One teacher will do another demonstration using |
|examples and participate in other |Nathan as a partner. |
|ways) | |
| |Day 3: Beginning: Students will take turns demonstrating what it looks like to raise their hand and wait to be called on. |
|Teacher models or demonstrates for | |
|students |Day 4: Beginning: Nathan will read the rule to the rest of the group and demonstrate what it looks like. |
| |