Mang: Different Leadership Styles Essay

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1. What is management? Pg. 427

2. What is the focus of community-based nursing? 405

3. What is primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary care? Pg. 400

4. What is the purpose of HP2020? 402

5. Know the different leadership styles and which one makes the majority of decisions for the unit 431

6. What is emotional intelligence? P.439

7.What are good time management principles to have? P.454

8. What is a team? P.

9. How many stages are involved when moving from novice to expert nurse? P. 505

10. What is "burnout"? p. 511

11. Who provides the voice for nurses in each state? (which organization)

12. What is Evidence-based practice (EBP)? P.85

13. What is included in the nurses role? P. 463

14. What are team building tactics? 468

15. What is motivation? P.471

16. When delegating a task what should the nurse consider? 480

17. What can facilitate positive change in the workplace? 489

18. What is considered a sentinel event? 375

19. Using the pre-procedure universal protocol what steps are involved? 375 In 2003, the Joint Commission published “Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, and Wrong Person Surgery” (2). The universal protocol, now included in the chapter on national patient safety goals in the Joint Commission's accreditation manual, involves the completion of three principal components before initiation of any surgical procedure (3):
1. Preprocedure verification process The health care team ensures that all relevant documents and related information or equipment are available before the start of the procedure; correctly identified, labeled, and matched to the patient's identifiers; and reviewed and are consistent with the patient's expectations and with the team's understanding of the intended patient, procedure, and site.
The team must address