Essay on Manga and Sailor Moon

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Drake Mason
Ms. Moore
Health – 1st hour
February 11, 2013
Who I Admire!
79,000 people were employed as multi-media artists and animators in 2008. I admire animators in general the most, but my favorite of all of them is Naoko Takeuchi, a Japanese manga artist and who lives in Tokyo, Japan, and her work of anime and manga is famous worldwide. An example would be my favorite anime of all time “Sailor Moon”; it is about a girl who is princess of the Moon (Serena) and a sailor soldier, who also falls in love with the prince of Earth (Darien) and fights off evil that is trying to destroy and conquer the earth and universe, with her friends the other soldiers they try to defeat him. The anime was aired in 1995-2005 all over the world everyone loved it. The manga itself was created in 1992. Of course she made a lot more anime’s and manga’s, but that’s the most important to me and, manga is a Japanese comic that you read backwards. I admire Naoko very much because she is a very ambitious, creative, and a fortunate person and I also want to become an animator like her. First, the reason why I think Naoko is a very ambitious person is because she goes after what she wants, if she wants to make an anime or manga she is going to do it and make sure it is perfect, because animators and artists have a tendency of making sure everything and anything related to art or drawing it has to be perfect or they are redoing it until it looks perfect in our eyes, and plus she and her company puts a lot of time and money into their work and to make it perfect and the company she works with is Toei animation where they make lots of anime at. Naoko’s ambition is very high when it comes to her artwork. Naoko is also very creative because she made lots of cool anime and manga, but her herself has just an open mind and a very broad imagination because she based most of her life off her famous TV show and anime “Sailor Moon”. She even named all the characters in the manga after her family and when she was in school she used to wear a sailor outfit to school every day because every school in japan requires boys to wear dress pants and button-down shirts and girls wear either miniskirts or just skirts (depends on the school) every day even in the winter girls have to wear skirts, and the sailor outfit she wore to school is the same outfit she wore in the anime and manga, Then when she got in high school she joined the astronomy and manga club and with those experiences that influenced her to work on “Sailor Moon” noting all the sailor soldiers names in the anime are all planets. Sailor Moon didn’t start off the anime, at the age of 19 Naoko and the publishing company then thought about fighting girls then thought of the name Sailor V or Sailor Venus and turned it into an anime with four other soldiers fighting with her and with that I think she is very creative thinking that all that out into an anime and manga. Lastly, Naoko has luck on her side and should be thankful of how fortunate she is because