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Manage Risk
FOR THE Workplace picnic held on work grounds (BBQ)

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Reference: 125 Version: 1 Date: 29/11/2012
This document is the Risk Management Plan for the (BBQ) event, defining the risk management process to be employed throughout the life of this event. The event Manager is responsible for reviewing and maintaining this Risk Management plan throughout the event, to ensure that the risk process remains appropriate to deal with the level of risk faced by the event.
As part of workplace initiative The Company hold work picnic at Christmas for employees and their families on the land owned by the company adjacent to the factory.
The scope and objectives for the BBQ event are summarised as follows: Objectives are to maintain staff retention, Improve staff communications, Reward staff and Thank spouses for support. Hold on the first Saturday in December 01/12/2012 from 12.00pm to 5.00pm. Cost to be confirmed by Management and to assure the high safety of all staff and their families.
The BBQ event risk management process aims to manage all foreseeable risks (both opportunities and threats) in a manner which is proactive, effective and appropriate, in order to maximise the likelihood of the event achieving its objectives, while maintaining risk exposure at an acceptable level.“Acceptable risk” is defined for the BBQ event Insignificant or Minor is acceptable to key stakeholders with No Moderate, Major or Extreme can be present in the event.
The risk process will aim to engage all event stakeholders appropriately, creating ownership and buy-in to the event itself and also to risk management actions. Risk-based information will be communicated to event stakeholders in a timely manner at an appropriate level of detail, to enable event strategy to be modified in the light of current risk exposure. The risk management process will enable event stakeholders to focus attention on those areas of the event most at risk, by identifying the major risks (both opportunities and threats) potentially able to exert the greatest positive or negative influence on achievement of event objectives.
The risk management process covers all activities undertaken during the lifetime of the event
The risk process is intended to cover internal event risks, supplier risks and programme risks also included technical risks, commercial risks and external risks. (Refer to Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) attached)
The following process will be used for the BBQ event:-
Initiation – clarifying and recording objectives for the event being assessed, and defining the details of the risk process to be implemented, documenting the results in a Risk management Plan
Identification – exposing and documenting risks which might affect the event objectives either positively or negatively
Assessment – either qualitatively describing risks individually so they can be understood and prioritised, and/or quantitatively modelling the effect of risks on event out-turn, to determine which areas of the event are most at risk
Evaluation of the risk
Prioritise the Risk
The Initiation phase will be completed before the event commences, then the remaining steps in the risk process will be cyclic, repeated regularly throughout the life of the event. The First Risk assessment will be completed within one month of event start, and reviews will be performed weekly thereafter.
The following tools and techniques will be used to support the risk management process on the BBQ event:
• Initiation
Risk Management Plan (this document), issued at event start and reviewed by the event Manager regularly during the event.
• Identification
Risks (both