Manhood: Household and Story ‘out West Essay

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November 12, 2013

Changing manhood

From the beginning of time men always have try to beat the forces of nature, and navigate or squeeze a life living off the land. From the story ‘Out West’ we learn how the changing of society’s life has not just impacted men in general but how he provides for his family.

“We were nearly two hours away from the nearest supermarket. And if we lived closer we still couldn’t afford it. We ate lamb all winter, raised it and butchered it.” These words from author Joe Wilkins. This small section explains living off the land. Now not every men can say they wake up early morning and go out hunting to provide food for the family. There whole life depended on the land and there resources. In the times where stores and businesses didn’t provide the income for one’s family, men had to provide for their family and themselves in another way. Hunting and rising their own food, growing crops and working on the families land. Pasted down from father to son from generation to generation was the land. They learned the ways of survival, past down from generations. And every generation something changes or becomes modified. Growing up learning to live off the land and all its resources, then being tossed into the working environment to make more money is what happen to a lot of American men. Most women now have equal responsibility and power in working environments. Before it was unheard of for a woman to make more or work more than a man. And now for some households the daily income if from the woman of the family. Times have changed and now both the man and women provide for the household.
Some people want to look down on men and say they aren’t really “men”. But how can you say that when no one…