Manifest Destiny Timeline Essay

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Manifest Destiny

Cause & Effect

1803 Louisiana
Purchase –
America’s fierce determination to keep the port of
New Orleans open and France’s costly war against Britain.

Pages 319-320
Purchase has been made, learning about the territory became more important, Lewis &
Clark Expedition.
Growth of fur trade, accurate maps
(open the west to settlers), and clash of cultures.

Cause & Effect

War of 1812 –
Impressments of
US Citizens, interference w/
American shipping, and British support of Native-American resistance. 

Page 333 Increased
American patriotism, weakened Native
American resistance
(death of
Tecumseh), and US manufacturing grew.
*Era of Good
Feelings started in

Cause & Effect

1820 Missouri
Compromise –
Adding Missouri as a slave state would upset the balance of Congress. Issue over slavery divided the nation.

Page 358 Agreement passed between Pro
& Anti Slavery in
Congress, regulation of slavery in the western territories.
Kept a balance, divided the territories in 36 degree latitude 30’ N
= free S= slave

Cause & Effect

1823 Monroe
Doctrine - US felt threatened by
colonization in
Latin America.
“Leave America for the Americans”…

Page 359 Monroe
Doctrine said that
Americas were closed to further colonization, considered dangerous to our peace and safety.
Helped US expansion and saw itself as a world power. Cause & Effect

1830 Indian
Removal Act – Pres.
Jackson believed that the gov’t had the right to regulate where
Native Am could live, pressure from settlers, discovery of gold in Georgia.

Pages 375-376
Jackson extended the area of
“freedom”, raised an issue of
America’s mission –
Manifest Destiny….
Set the stage for
“ethnic cleansing”
(Trail of Tears).

Cause & Effect

1844 – Industrial
Revolution (18001844) great economic changes brought new machines and factories, changed
US society,