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Protect your baby: Food and Drinks to Avoid During Pregnancy
The futurer of the world is held in thr hands of the youth and yooung. It is important and critical that we make sure our future babies are healthy and taken care of proper eating and drinking during pregnancy. Examples of food ingest during pregnancy are ones that are rich in calium and nutrients. Comsuming more calcium will result in more likely chance that the bones and teeth of the baby will come out strong and developed properly. Types of food you want to try to avoid such as fish and sushi due to chances of the raw meat not being cooked throughly. A beverage I hope most of Americans preganant are rmother are aware to avoid during pregnancy is alcohol. Consuming alcohol can and most cause mental and phy new born. A research done by a college student in the OK showed that women whom eat poorly had a higher risk of passing on long-term diseases to their offspring. The research conducted was on two pregnant women whichn was documented, on what they ate or drank during the nine month. Later on the child of the mother who ate poorly developed a gene called, Hnf4a, which affects insulin level creating type 2 diabets. This conclusion was brought as a result of the food atre during the fetus deelopment. The other pregnant lady When classifying the important facts of eating healthy you want to put raw meat, deli meat, raw eggs, tap water, and peanuts on the don't eat list. These products will only aid in the