Essay on Mann and Bond

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The articles from Bond and Mann show that what we learned in school previously might not be true anymore in present day. Edward Teach was known as a threatening man, far worse that he truly was. The Indians who feasted with English colonist were described as less intelligent than they actually were. The history that we are taught in class varies from each school, depending on which country we’re being taught in. Although this paper is for a U.S. history class, it has a worldview perspective. The writings from Bond and Mann are a perfect example of this “worldview perspective”, because it shows people the difference of what we were taught in history, and what the truth really was.
From Constance Bond’s article, Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, held the people of Charles Town in South Carolina hostage. He was known as a menacing man throughout history, but as archaeologists discover new remains of what appears to be Blackbird’s flagship, there are new questions about what kind of pirate he was. Although Blackbeard was a feared man, he did not end up murdering the prisoners he captured for Charles Town. While he was deciding on what to do with the prisoners, he held a “general council”, which was much unexpected from someone who was about to kill the prisoners for a chest of medicine. Blackbeard sold possessed goods for cheaper than the tax inflated British prices and got along with local residents, including possibly the governor. It is now suspected that Queen Anne’s