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Your vocabulary tells the rest of the world a lot about you . It shows a person 's background , upbringing , education , and even his or her inclinations . A large vocabulary shows not only your aptitude for language , but also shows a good , solid background in reading . We tend to generalize people with wide vocabularies to be smart highly-educated , and well-read . By this perception alone , it is no wonder that many people aspire to inject big words and elaborate phrases into their speech , just to

show people how well-read they are . Of course , this is not to say that people who amass a wide vocabulary do it simply for the superficial reason of showing off . But we cannot deny that people who endeavor to develop an elegant way of speaking by the use of a wide vocabulary tend to impress their listeners and audience Someone with a wide vocabulary shows us that the person is proficient with words . It aids greatly not only in providing a positive and learned impression of the speaker , but allows the speaker to communicate his or her ideas more effectively . When you have a large pool of words to choose from , it easier to select a word which best fits a particular situation or is most applicable for a certain audience . The speaker can adjust his or her words to suit the ambiance , since a wide vocabulary always provides for an alternative on what word we wish to use to express our thoughts and feelings

A wide vocabulary is a powerful tool . It allows the possessor thereof to influence its audience , such as the case of a charismatic speaker , in any lecture , audience , session , or conversation . Someone who is a connoisseur of words will be able to give a more effective talk or presentation in front of any association . A large vocabulary is essential not only for a public speaker , but for a