Manson: Robbery Essay

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Anthony Acello
Mr. Yeager
Evil Paper
Do you think we are born evil or does society make us that way? I believe that society and the environment that you are around can make you evil. Also the way that you are raised can affect the way you act. For example when I used to live in North Philadelphia back when I was nine years old a massive fire occurred and burnt a whole house down. A fire fighter said I know who caused the fire and why to my dad’s friend who was a reporter and the fire fighter said that a four year old little boy lit the couch on fire that his grandmother was sleeping on. The fire fighter asked the little boy why he did that and he said because he didn’t like the way his grandmother treated him and the way she talked to him. This is why I believe that society and the environment can cause you to be evil because North Philly was a bad place to live that’s why my family and I moved to New Jersey so we could get away from all the crime that was around there. My parents making a decision to move to Merchantville where the environment is safe gives us the opportunity to live in a saver environment and gives us the opportunity to be responsible and independent.
One reason that could lead you to being evil could be absence of parental discipline because without your parents telling you what’s right from what’s wrong when you’re a small child, then you would never know what’s good or evil. Another reason that could lead you to being evil is your removal from your home. Without living at home you then do not know your surroundings and don’t get to see your family at all. Also maternal deprivation and lack of an appropriate attachment can cause you to be evil. This could cause you to be evil because it makes you feel nobody loves you or is showing affection for you. Even grooving up without parents of both sexes could make you evil because when you are little you would probably get confused between a boy and a girl on what you are suppose to wear, like, and even how to act.
I’m also positive that Charles Manson was not born evil but society and the way he was treated made him evil. I feel Charlie didn’t feel that he was ever loved by anyone because his own mother sold him for a pitcher of beer. Then after she got arrested for trading her own son for a pitcher of beer Charlie’s grandmother got possession of Charlie and she made him go to school in a dress every day. Then Charlie ran away from home because he couldn’t take the fact that nobody cared for him plus that fact that everyone probably made fun of him in school for wearing a dress. If I was Charlie I probably we become evil also. One reason would be because nobody would love me. Another reason would be because everyone would make fun of me and the last reason would be because all this anger would build up to an uncontrollable amount. One thing that is definitely evil is alcohol because all it does is cause trouble. It causes difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, and impaired memory. Plus it causes you to do stupid things when you’re drunk just for a good laugh but you don’t think about the consequences that could happen for doing the stupid things. Also if you consume alcohol a lot and become