Essay about Manufacturer: Supply Chain Management and Westminster Company

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Daniel Lewis
Westminster Company

The results of this paper include the center of the supply chain and logistical functions of a major drug organization in the United States. The Westminster Company has three separate companies, which produce and distribute individualized or differentiated commodities independently. Also, it will discuss the changes being considered within their supply chain structure. The supply chain structure consists of establishing of a solidified warehousing structure, possessing combined shipments to conserve on costs, the incorporation of information technology to keep up the companies’ inventory using software like enterprise resource planning, and contain an integrated management supply chain structure (2012 Westminster Company).
The Westminster Company is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of consumer health products in the United States. Westminster owns three subsidiary financial manufacturing companies which include mass merchandise, drugs, and grocery products. Due to mass competition Westminster has become concerned with the effectiveness of their current supply chain and logistics capabilities (2012 Westminster Company). Westminster Company studied both problems and the information that was taken from it was useful for the requirements of their customers, and the functioning of their own companies. Due to the different locations where this was taking place, their existing warehouses and manufacturing facilities, Westminster was now able to move to bigger and better opportunities.
The traditional inventory brought in certain procedures which are replaced by POS driven information systems. These procedures will assist Westminster Company in the production of goods according to the customer's requirement. Also, the demand on forecasting can be very mistaken, and this system will reduce the need to forecast demand (2012 Westminster Company). This helps prevent wastage of excess, redundant inventory, and reduces the cost of storage. The Westminster Company should try to implement their software, which will enable its customers to give the position of their inventory, accurately and timely. The software will allow real-time inventory management of all its points of sales and its various plants and warehouses. The daily sales and inventory requirements of the customers can be easily considered and done correctly where shipments can be readied. This helps prevent wastage, which can