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Weird people are typically cool people. Everyone is weird in their own way because we are all different. We all have different personalities, interests, and styles which make us weird to each other. One weirdo I know is Marsha Luckette, where her open personality, variety of interests, and chic style makes her a weirdo and different from each and every one of us.
Marsha’s open personality makes her a weirdo because she’s open, chill, and free-spirited. She’s a very open and fun person and likes to try new things such as swimming and getting to know new people. What makes her free spirited is being able to except everyone’s differences in people when she meets them. This makes her a fun person to be around because she’s open to try new things, go out, and be adventurous. A lot of the time, Marsha just likes to be super chill and hanging out with just a few cool people. Her personality allows her to befriend others that are different from her.
Like stated before, swim being one of the things Marsha was open to trying, it became one of her interests, among other things. Some additional interests are watching NBA basketball, listening to music, small animals, clothes and cosmetics. Although I could be wrong, from what I know about Marsha, music and clothes seem to interest her the most. The type of music she likes to listen to mainly in hip-hop and R&B but she is also open to listen to other types of music as well. Marsha has a wide range of interest that others may find