Mapping An Argument

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Mapping an Argument
Amanda Squiciarino
January 27, 2015

Mapping an Argument
Article #1 The first article I decided to read is “Efforts to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving Are Misguided”. The issue that is at hand in this article is that the information that is being used to try to ban the use of cell phone while driving is not correct. In the article it shows how they use information that was for “distracted driving” instead of cell phone use while driving to show that number of crashes that was related to the use of cellphones. If they had used accurate information they would have a more solid case to ban cell phones while driving. Another argument that caught my attention is that the number of crashes related to “distracted driving” did not decrease once a couple of states took one the new law and when questioned about it they reply was simply that the driver are still distracted by hands free devices. The premises in this article is that the government guy (LaHood) was just trying to make work for himself and keep himself busy. Stating this shows the readers right away who the article is about and why LaHood is trying so hard to push this ban. The conclusion if this article is that without proper information to pass the ban of cellphone use in cars LaHood really has no argument to go on. The research should be done to see how many car crashes are related to the use of cellphones and not to other distractions that could occur while driving a car. I don’t see a ban against cellphone use making a big difference is the number of crashes just because every day we see people eating in their cars, doing their make-up, messing with the radio, and texting. In order to make a big difference there would have to be more laws past and stricter enforcements in order to lower these numbers.
Article #2 The second issue I decided to read was “Cyberbullying has Broader Impact than Traditional Bullying”. This article covers why the effects of cyber bullying are more severe than the traditional bullying. In the article the author talks about how the victims of traditional bullying can get away from their