Mapping the Gap Between Highschool Writing and College Writing Essay

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Research Proposal

Professor Hanson


Over the duration of the First Year Writing course I have not only just learned but I have had the opportunity to write about different topics that I have never been previously exposed to before. This is the first english course that did not focus solely on only writing sentences and correcting the grammar in essays and such. The approach of this course was very refreshing because the professor incorporated various topics of writing through the use of articles and in-class discussions. One of the most prominent topics that we covered in class that was very personal to me is the “Changing Education Paradigms” (RSA) Video narrated by Robinson. Although I did not agree with everything single thing Robinson stated in his video, he was able to give me a serious eye-opener that really expanded my thoughts on how the public education/higher education system is ran in the present day. Simultaneously, Robinson was able to explain these topics in a very fun and simple way so the average joe could understand, though art and animation. Perhaps one of the most damning points Robinson stated in his video was the example of how the public schooling system is essentially a factory. He was using this analogy to compare the bells, as the loud noises in the factory, separate areas for different subjects which infers somewhat of a assembly line, and the students graduating according to their age, or being produced in “batches.” Today generally what is expected of the average person is to do well in high school, go to college, work hard, get a diploma, and what the end result should be is getting a good paying job. However I think that in the present day, given the state of the economy and todays standards, I agree…