Marc Quinn Essay

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Art is the process of destruction
Various subjective elements of the world can be easily manipulated by artists in a way to see the creation or potential destruction of the focus. The difficulty, however, of reconstructing the original creation is a task that a lot of artists avoid by formulating the destruction of the focus. In doing this the artist is automatically gaining a deep knowledge in the chosen topic, often gaining a professional knowledge in the areas, most commonly philosophers, educators, diplomats, scientists, environmentalists, explorers, entertainers and political activists. Examples of these include Marc Quinn who has become an environmentalist through his studies of how desire affects and often destroys our relationship
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Marc Quinn used a personal approach of one of his collected bonsai trees. This object in particular is a reflection of the meaning behind his work; the tree is a plant that has had its roots cropped causing the growth to discontinue. This mutation from the natural state provides evidence to Quinn’s values. If the tree were to be planted in a garden setting rather than a pot then the tree would grow to return to the original size instead of a miniature version of itself. Human interaction has caused the tree to destroy its natural state by preventing growth. Quinn determines the differences between nature, art and man-made and establishes how our desire as humans draw these three topics to overlap. Quinn’s technique of creating an entirely artificial sculpture to exaggerate the destruction we are causing, the gold material is demonstrating the superficial expectations we uphold from our desires. Marc Quinn has extended his studies in not environmentalism to understand the bonsai tree and why that tree in particular would best describe his values. As well as an environmentalist, Marc Quinn could also be known to have great understandings of