March: The Reader and Geraldine Brooks Essay example

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In the beginning of the novel March, by Geraldine Brooks, Mr. March is very descriptive and uses gruesome depictions to describe the war. At one point of the war when Mr.March did not know what to do, he "called for bearers to carry off the wounded men. One private, running, called to me that any who tried it would be shot full of more bullets than he had fingers and toes.” This is the sad truth about the war. Knowing that the wounded had to just be left to basically die. This helps us connect with the reading because it accesses our emotions, forming a bond with the book. Later in chapter three Mr. March, "noted that even the back of McKillop’s coat was blood-spattered, indicating the work he had accomplished whilst I’d tarried to wallow in my own exhaustion and despair.” This paints a good picture in the readers mind about what is going on. The helps us picture an accomplished soldier standing in a bloody jacket like it is no big deal. When books are more descriptive, they are more interesting, making it easier for the reader to read. In the very beginning of the novel, after talking about the letter, the surrounding nature is described as having, "blood that perfused the silted eddies of the boot-stirred river also formed a design that is not unlike those fine endpapers. Or—better—like that spill of carmine ink when the impatient hand of our little artist overturned the well upon our floorboards.” There are a lot of adjectives that help the reader visualize the