Marching Band Leadership Case Study

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Marching Band Leadership Team Application
1. An effective section leader is someone who empowers and inspires their section rather than dictating them. They must have humility and not act above their section. One effective way of leading is leading by example. The section leader should be able to help with marching and music, but understand that these are not the only examples they must show. When marching band ends, we will not remember the sets or measures we had trouble with, but the life lessons we learned throughout the process. The section leader should show younger members how to have a positive attitude and an overall good character, as they can be very impressionable. They should show respect to all staff members and peers, including
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One goal for my section is to be able to slide march with better style, especially going backwards. Whenever this came up in drill, it seemed to be a huge burden for us, when it did not have to be. A way to improve in this aspect of marching would be to dedicate sectionals to it. We could spend about 30 minutes before rehearsal breaking this down and helping each individual person. If we were able, we could have a drum major or staff member come with extra help. I recognize that we all have lives outside of marching band and we would not want to have an excessive number of sectionals, but if there is something that the section needs to work on, it is important to dedicate time to it, whether it be music or …show more content…
When thinking of members of my section in regards to who would be an effective section leader, Briana Nobbe and Martha VanValer both come to mind. Briana made a fantastic section leader last year. She always had her music memorized far before the rest of the section, so she was always able to help us. Briana also learned drill and the body block early, which made her a great example to the rest of the section. I can remember her always going out of her way to talk to me in the beginning before I had met many people. She remained positive throughout the season whether it was a good or bad rehearsal, and would be a great section leader or drum major next season. Martha would also make a great section leader. She proved to be a natural leader last season as many fled to her with questions about the band. She is a very energetic and positive force in the section, and was one of those who pushed me to go out of my comfort zone to consider trying leadership team. She is someone who everyone in the section loves and would be a fantastic section leader. On registration night, last year, both girls came up to me and made me feel welcome immediately. Both are natural, outgoing leaders who benefit the band