Marconi Telecommunication Mexico Case Study Essay

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Homework n°1: Marconi Telecommunication Mexico

Marconi Telecommunications Mexico: I. Statement of the problem: 1) Identification of the problem: Marconi Telecommunications Corporation (Martel) is one of the Canada’s most international telecommunications providers. Martel purchased control of Lerida Telecom of Mexico in 1997. The company wanted to find the right people to manage their Latin American operations. Martel sent approximately 25 managers to Mexico, all the managers had been chosen both, internally and externally, as the company tried to select individuals with the skills required for an overseas assignment. However, the company had to deal with some problems from the process of expatriation. The process
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Furthermore, the compensation packages for the expatriates were considered to the average of other Canadian telecommunications companies; however, they were inferior to that of American and European telecommunications companies. The company should have more competitive compensation packages to make sure that it does not lose good talent. The security benefits and allowances should be made equal for all the expatriates regardless of their position in the company. 6) Alternative 3: Hired local people and trained them Marconi Telecommunications Corporation could also hired local people in order to avoid homesickness and all expatriates’ problems, since local people are used to live in Mexico. In addition, this kind of management would more integrate the company within the country; it would be a polycentric management approach. Place local people in key position would be easier to manage employees, since the language would not be a barrier anymore, moreover local managers would know how to manage them with the norms and habits of the country. V. Analysis of each Alternatives: 7) Alternative 1: Intensive training/preparation a. Advantages/Disadvantages: The advantages of this alternative are based on the integration of the families and the managers in work field. Since the Spanish is