Marcus Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar Essay
Who is the main character of the play and why?
To determine the main character of a play, one must first decide what defines a leading figure. This will be the protagonist, which Merriam-Webster describes as “involved in a struggle of some kind, either against someone or something else or even against his or her own emotions” ( The principal character in a story is an important person involved in a conflict. There are two people, Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, who can be considered the protagonist of this literary work.
Julius Caesar is the leading person in the play and this is why the title is named after him. Before and after his death, he influences the other major characters, such as Marcus Brutus, Caius Cassius, and Mark Antony. The plot is made of people conspiring against, assassinating, making funeral speeches for, and then fighting between the allies and
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He first fights against his own emotions when he fears his cherished friend may threaten the freedom of Rome, which is the one thing he loves above all else. He says at Caesar’s funeral that it was “not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (Shakespeare, 117). Later, he fights in combat against Antony and Octavius’ army thereby in conflict both emotionally, verbally, and physically.
He is a tragic hero and this fits well in a tragedy. Aristotle gives a tragic hero distinguishing characteristics: the hero must be a great man, he must die due to a tragic flaw, and his death must be his own fault. Brutus was a great man, he was a patriotic and honorable idealist, and Antony describes him as “the noblest Roman of them all” (Shakespeare, 209). His philosophical commitment to principle, specifically to republicanism, allows him to be easily manipulated by those he trusts. Suicide, which was completed by falling upon his sword while a servant held it in place, is a death entirely his own