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Some people thought Marcus Garvey was a dangerous person because his ideas were radical. Therefore, he was controversial. According to J. Edgar Hoover, Garvey was “one of the most prominent negro agitators in New York.” So he must’ve been a person who always caused trouble and disturbed the peace. Garvey believed “freedom, independence and self-respect could never be achieved” by African Americans in the United States. So he wanted African Americans to separate from the white people in order to start their own nation. Garvey also thought African Americans should “have a country of their own” where they could be have the “opportunity to develop politically, socially and industrially.” This was a crazy idea because it was impossible to bring all African Americans back to Africa since other countries controlled the land. Garvey was also controversial because he founded an organization called the U.N.I.A. This organization consisted of unsuccessful people such as “ministers without churches, physicians without patients, lawyers without clients and publishers without readers, who are usually in search of "easy money." Some people even thought Garvey’s organization was more dangerous than the terrorist group KKK because it attracted “crooks and racial bigots.” This is a disgusting comparison because KKK was and still is a horrible organization because they killed, harassed, and kidnapped African Americans.

Marcus Garvey, himself, admitted that he did wrong things. In his biography, he said, “I have committed an unpardonable offense against the very light colored Negroes in America and the West