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A Mother’s Love
Historically there are social facts against humanity that most humans do not stop to analyze or simply document. The issue of slavery has been a controversial fact that even in the XXI century it is still recognized as inhumane and repugnant. The days of slavery dates back to a time when African American blacks were treated as waste than gifted individuals with some time to offer the American society. History has valuably cases of slaves who fought for a better future, for freedom of their race and for the clamor that today evokes equality of the human race.
This woman or as many called her "Peggy", has been remembered for murdering her own daughter before allowing the infant back to slavery. She and her family escaped slavery in 1856 crossing the Ohio River. The place was supposed they would be safe, in minutes was surrounded by state officials, hunters and slave masters. "The courageous Peggy" was determined to die fighting rather than allowing herself and her children to be taken back to slavery.
When, a shot wounded her husband's arm. It was right then, when Margaret, desperate, possessed by her motherly love, took a knife that was on a table and cut the throat of her little daughter. Her heroic act culminated in the death of the other children, and she eventually killed herself. She was defeated before she could complete her attack of love and salvation by killing the other children.
Although I totally disagree with this murderous act, as it would be called anywhere in the world, it attracted my attention and admiration because of the strength and determination Peggy demonstrated. She chose death for her child rather than allowing her to live in misery in the wretched condition of slavery that existed at the time. I think the motherly instinct to protect is the highest expression of a human being,