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Some of their joint work:
How the Flying Fishes Came into Being
Curious George (1941) Spotty (1945)
Curious George Takes A Job (1947)
Curious George Rides A Bike (1952)
Curious George Gets A Medal (1957)
Curious George Flies A Kite (1958)
Curious George Learns his Alphabet (1963)
Curious George Goes To The Hospital


J ackie Price
Author/ Illustrator #5
Trepanier EDUC278 Margret and Hans Augusto Rey

Unity: *They met the 1st time before Margret left to study art. They united in 1935 in Brazil,
Rio de Janeiro where Hans was selling bath tubs as apart of his family business. *After marriage they moved to Paris in 1940 before the attack.
Margret Eliabeth Rey Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein
*Hans published his first children's book
● Born: May 16, 1906 after a French publisher saw his newspaper
● Death: December 21, 1996 cartoons of a giraffe and asked him to She was born in Hamburg, Germany. expand. She was a writer, photographer, artist,
*He started with Raffy and Nine Monkey professor, reporter, copywriter, founder of
(Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys in the the Curious George Foundation.
British and American edition) which were the results of Curious George. (FiFi was
She established the Curious George
Foundation in 1989. (It supports community turned