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Music ISU Mariah Carey, was born in 1970 march 27th ,American pop superstar, the mythical world of pop. Because of its 2 million album sales and brilliant music history, as well she is the most of the singles champion of billboard as a solo singer. The deep voice with a strong flavor of R&B and soul. Her unique style of singing , unlike the other female singers are straight, most of Mariah's voice is full of innumerable twists and turns of the ornament like ROCOCO. In Mariah Carey singer history she also got endless awards. As we know like Grammy awards, American Music Awards and she is the first female single to get Diamond awards. She works in the most popular music market company Universal. She is amazing. Vision of love it is amazing song. This song include in debut album which call Mariah Carey. This song made Mariah Carey won the first singles champion and let American remember Mariah Carey. This song let The US pop music shocked, her deep voice, with strong Vision of love R&B and soul in the music. In addition to the Mariah strength of voice. The transfer of Vision Of Love information makes me moved. Although some people defined Vision of Love as long song, but I think this song's lyrics is actually how she finally get a goal and make that come true. In this lyrics' Carried the weight on my own, Had to be strong, So I believed And now I know I've succeeded' Mariah is trying to us I will make that, I'm goanna make that happen. This song expressed each people have own dream. The dream might be difficult. To encounter many difficulties , bear all the burden but have to believe yourself and to be more stronger. Mariah Carey's most successful song in the world 'Hero'. Hero is include in Mariah's second album Music Box. Hero was giving many people be more strength, There was a teenager attempt commit suicide, but when he heard that Hero in that moment. He was getting moved and inspired, then bravely alive. This song means we all have the capability of a hero for ourselves and need only look within for strength since ultimately no one can help defeat our personal problems. In this lyrics' it's then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on and you finally see the truth that a hero lies in you'. That even though we may feel discouraged or down at times, in reality we are heroes. If we look inside ourselves and see our own inner strength; in time, this will help us find the way. Everyone could have different perceptions of it, but personally i think it is a hero comes into our life it will help we see that we are a hero too. We belong together this song is the point of her comeback stage. This song's melody is melodious, expressed her hope , all the lovers desire together. This song produced by Mariah Carey herself. After her album is getting lower