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Mariah Richard
World Studies-Current Events #2
Officials: Assad Used Gas in 2012 Based on the article, President Obama knew about the chemical weapons but wasn’t sure if they were going to be used. So he changed his mind about taking action. His administrators didn’t acknowledge that the attack was going on for months because they felt that evidence for previous chemical attacks wasn’t as appealing which have made the case even harder. With the White House not taking action immediately, they started to feel as if they were giving permission for use of the weapons. But instead the Syrian government denies using the chemical weapons. Secretary of State, John Carry, tells lawmakers that the U.S. knew about the attacks that happened before the August incident. President Obama felt that acknowledgement of the previous attacks wasn’t necessary because they weren’t compelling cases to win the support of the Americans. To conclude this, the administrators should have responded more focused on the attacks that happened before the one in August. This article was very informational. It was basically telling us how President kept this secret away from his people that eventually affected us in some way. This will affect our economy because we look at President Obama as our protector. He was supposed to immediately tell his people what is happening but instead he kept it to himself which changes the way of how we look at him. The U.S. now has to be