Marie-Anne Antoine Lavoisier: The Father Of Modern Chemistry

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Chemistry is an extraordinary science that has an interesting story of how it started and who was behind this marvelous product. Even though many scientists applied experiments and discovered enormous elements, theories and methods which lead to the appearance of the modern chemistry; a particular scientist raised and earned the name of “The Father of Modern Chemistry “. Antoine Lavoisier a French nobleman and chemist in the 18th century was popular for his accomplishments in chemistry field. However, as the famous phrase says ‘behind every great man there is a great woman’, ultimately there will be a woman behind this great chemist who may be considered as “The Mother of Modern Chemistry”. Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze was not only the wife …show more content…
Eventually his association of the Ferme Générale demonstrated to be his downfall. Not only he suffered during this revaluation and lost his reputation as a privileged member in the society , he also underwent losing his scientific reputation that he work a lot for ; as a result as the defeat of his great caloric theory ending by Sir Benjamin Thompson; an American-British physicist and count. Lavoisier was executed on the day as his father-in-law Jacques Paulze. He was buried in an anonymous grave in the graveyard of the Parc Monceau. Madam Lavoisier became harshly miserable when the assassination of both her father and husband happened at once. She was also disadvantaged since the revolutionaries detained all of the Lavoisiers' fortune and properties as well as his laboratory gear and periodicals. Years after Lavoisier’s passing, she met Count Rumford, the same man who started the downfall of her late husband’s great theory. Thompson’s was illustrious scientist whose central influences were in measurement of heat conduction. He flattered with her and soon they got married in 1805. Still, both characters were enthusiastically dissimilar and they had problems from the