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Marie Curie
You know, sitting back at my old age, with death ready to take me away at any moment, its nice to talk to someone. People never truly stop too reflect, but at this brittle state, that is exactly what I am about to do.
I was born on November 7th, 1867 in a small town in Poland called Warsaw. I was the fifth and last child to be born into my family. My parents were well-known teachers. My dad was a math and physics teacher and my mom was the headmistress at an all girls school.
Growing up, I was always more advanced than the others kids. I was taught to read and write at an early age. I excelled in school and worked very hard on my studies, when it was uncommon for a women to do so. It was especially hard for my family during these times because they were dedicated Polish people and wouldn’t support the Russians who controlled us. This caused for my father to lose his job and other hardships to follow. Hardships and death were never uncommon in these times. At theage of 11, my oldest sister, Zofia, became sick and died of typhus. But, I was greatly affected by the death of my mother, two years later, when she passed away from tuberculosis. Overcoming all these tragedies, I decided to make something of my life and go on to a university. There was a school in Paris called Sorbonne that both my sister Bronislawa and I wanted to attend, so I agreed to work to help pay for her school if she would reciprocate the deed for me after she got a job. And as karma would have it, my sister began working in the medical field and helped fund my studies. Three years later, I graduated with my degree in Physics. In 1894, after beginning my career as a scientist, I had met the love of my life, Pierre Curie, and soon married him. Shortly afterwards, we had our first child together, a daughter named Irene. I would later have another daughter named Eve. Now into where my legacy began…