Marijuana Annotated Bibliography

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p.3rd 5/21/12 Annotated Bibliography Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized:On how prohibition doesn't effect marijuana use. California: NORML (1)
Based on this website prohibition isn't an effective way to stop marijuana drug use. Thier are theories that say it will actually increase the use of marijuana . Me personly ,I agree, the reason i say that is because black market drug orginizations are still making billions of dollars yearly just by smuggling drugs under the governments law . This website is very aware of the profits that the government can make by legalizing marijuana .

Mason R. Williams (1999). The Official High Times Field Guide To Marijuana Strains Chicago: Ivan R. Dee Publisher. (2)
According To The Author marijuana has alot of industrial values . Williams says that you can use The Hemp Plant as natural fiber , soil amendmant , fuels, chemicals and etc. According to other websites i used for comfirmation Williams Book is very accurate with the information it contains. You must take your time reading this book it is very important that you not just read the book but understand what you are reading also . This book was a very imperative asset to the research of my project .

Lee Fang (2004, August 4). Why Legalize Marijuana. Washington :Republic