Effects Of Marijuana On My Community

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The impact my marijuana use has had on my family is kind of big because a lot of my family looks at me different now. Most of my family is very disappointed in me and expect better and always try to talk to me about it. My family feels that i am ruining my life by using marijuana and want me to stop because they are scared and think i might end up dropping out of high-school, or that i might decide not to go to college or university. The impact my use has had on my friends is not as big as my family but it has still had an impact. Some of my friends have stopped talking to me cause of my use and have tried talking to me about it and that i should stop. But most of my friends don’t really have a problem with it as long as i don’t do it around them or when I’m hanging with them. Even though my friends don’t really have a problem thought they feel that i don’t need to be using marijuana at all and always try to tell me to stop that it is doing nothing but messing up my life. My use has not really had an impact on my community except for maybe my neighbors who have tried to give me a lecture on why i shouldn’t be using marijuana and that i don’t need it. They feel that i am only wasting my life using it and that i should stop because it has impacted my family. This impacts me a lot because it hurts to see that my family is so disappointed in me and worried for me. It also upsets me that i have lost friends because of my use and the friends i do still have are always telling me to stop and that i don’t need to be doing it. It also gets me sad that even my neighbors are lecturing