Marijuana: Drug Addiction and Persuasive Essay Marijuana

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Jennifer Silva
Period Six
Mrs. Bobo

Persuasive Essay

Marijuana is a highly used drug that is not good. Many people use the drug thinking it is a positive thing to do when it is far from that. Marijuana causes many problems in someone’s life that could involve school, their family, and more. It is used as a stepping-stone drug and a gateway drug. Marijuana should never be legalized in our country. To start off, marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the United States and around the world. Many people use marijuana for useless reasons which means there is no point in using it. Sometimes, people use marijuana as an associate with unfashionable lifestyles. Others abusively use marijuana in terms of being pressured to use it or they have some problems in their life. Next, marijuana is very addictive. people may think marijuana is all natural since it comes from a plant, and it does, but studies show some marijuana has chemicals or drugs mixed into it such as heroin. Many people don’t know that which is why they never think they could get addicted to marijuana. The chemicals or drugs cause the addiction and most likely it will be very hard to escape from it. Last, marijuana can possibly have negative long-term effects because marijuana smoke contains the same cancer-causing ingredients of tobacco. This makes marijuana more dangerous to use and a better chance for someone to become addicted to it. Also the cancer-causing ingredients can hurt what is