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Marijuana is one of the most discussed and debatable topics in the U.S today. Many say that it has medicinal benefits and should be made legal. While many say that it has a “high potential for abuse” (Medically) and should remain illegal. With the arguments, allies for medical marijuana have offered a stronger argument for legalization through their use of research and evidence.
Marijuana is not addictive: A large majority of people who have smoked pot (marijuana) tend to only do it experimentally and never become addicted. It is much harder to quit smoking pot than it is to quit smoking cigarettes. 10% of recreational users will develop problems severe enough impact there work and relationships and start to rely on marijuana. Most people who smoke pot use it for social purposes. Compared to other recreational drugs marijuana is somewhat harmless. Why is tobacco legal as it causes so much more problems than marijuana does?
People deserve freedom to use Marijuana: Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in the US (behind Alcohol and Tobacco), and has been used by 100,000 of Americans. Marijuana is much safer than Alcohol and tobacco, Alcohol causes poisoning and damage to the liver, tobacco causes lung and throat cancer. When a few people think marijuana is bad it becomes illegal. If people want to smoke it let them smoke it, if you don’t then don’t. It really should be something that can only be done inside a bar, house anywhere but in public, like alcohol is now if you are caught drinking in public or drink-driving you suffer your consequences.
Medical use: Marijuana can be used as a medicine; it helps stimulate apatite, relieves nausea in cancer and AIDS patients. These are some I found off the internet: * Cancer- Many side effects of the medication to stop cancer can be relieved with Marijuana; some studies suggest that Marijuana tends to slow down the progress of some types of cancer. * Multiple Sclerosis - Muscle pain, spasticity, tremors and unsteadiness are some of the effects caused by the disease that can be relieved by Marijuana. * Epilepsy - in some patients, epileptic seizures can be prevented with Marijuana use

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