Essay on Marijuana: good or bad

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Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen, but has the effects of a stimulant and depressant. Marijuana can be smoked out of a pipe, a bong, a joint, a blunt, and can be vaporized. It could also be put into butter then baked into cooking and other pastries, plus you can make it into a tea. After having the ingredient that creates the “high” aka THC, it undergoes a series of paths. The THC enters the bloodstream then enters the brain. The cannabinoid receptors kick off a series of cellular reactions causing the high. This high can cause disturbed perceptions, impaired coordination, and problems with communicating. Marijuana is one one of the toughest fighting ingredients in the help to decrease the effects of sclerosis, cancer, and AIDS. California was the first state to legalize marijuana in 1996. THC is the chemical substance that is produced through the process of growing Marijuana. Throughout history the THC content purity in Marijuana has been at a low of 5%. As time passes people have created these “labs” in which people can control all factors needed to create the highest grade THC in marijuana.

How many people in the United States have drug charges related to marijuana? How many prisons are filled with harmless people because they were caught with marijuana. Marijuana is not only a critical medical life helper for certain diseases, but also has been legalized in 20 states and our national capitol. Marijuana has no record in the history of the universe of having a user overdosing, and it has been proven to have no addictive chemicals in it. In an economy in which you are trillions of dollars in debt wouldn’t a government be trying to fix that, well the sale of marijuana could help.

Does it ever cross your mind what it takes to track down, investigate, and pay detectives to try and bust people dealing and growing marijuana? Nothing shy of billions of dollars. Billions of dollars that could be used towards saving the lives of people starving to death in the United States! So lets map this out. Your city spends millions of your tax paying dollars on police teams to spend their time trying to bust the dealing and growing of marijuana. They train special dogs to have a keen sense of smell to marijuana to make it easier to search houses and apartments to keep marijuana off the streets. The irony of this is that no matter how hard, how long, and no matter what the punishment, marijuana will never be taken off the streets because there will always be those people willing to take the risk of keeping it available. So if you can’t stop it as a whole, why not benefit from it? But no, the government decides that this drug should be classified as a schedule 1 drug making it one of the most illegal. To be a schedule 1 drug, they are defined as having NO medical benefit whatsoever, and high risk for being abused. For one it is an undeniable fact that marijuana helps fight diseases and illnesses. Two, the effecting ingredient that causes the “high”, THC, has no additive effect on the brain causing it to be almost harmless. If the U.S. was to legalize it for recreational use, or even for medical use the benefits would prove the decision to be prosperous. The benefits that would be created would be that not only would we not have to spend all of this money trying to stop it as a whole, even when we know we will never actually be able to stop it, but also we could control distribution of how much is grown and sold and place a tax on the product to actually GAIN money from marijuana instead of losing it! it gets better! Drug charges related to marijuana can be dropped. All of the people draining money out of the economy because they are in jail and not giving any money back because they are in a cell can come to an end. With this reforming movement, It would purge a wonderful economic revolution.

If you were dying and nothing could help you, wouldn’t you like to be in peace with your health? This is all possible with