Essay about Marijuana in the United States

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Marijuana dates back to the early BC years, when the Spaniards brought this woody stems crop to the Western Hemisphere as a source of fiber and seed. It has been found that this crop’s red oil was used for medicinal and euphorigenic purposes for thousands of centuries. Now this crop has been a large debate over the legalization for over a century now. Many people smoke this crop legal or illegal.
Advantages of legalizing marijuana in the United States. One advantages that can happen from legalizing marijuana would be that it would lower crime rate, since most arrests are made in connection with marijuana possession, using or selling; crime rate would drop. Legalizing marijuana will bring the nation’s largest cash crop, it will create more jobs. The state and local governments would receive larger amount of money from tax revenue, if marijuana was legalized.
Disadvantages of legalizing marijuana in the United States would include; marijuana has been showed to have the ability to alter ones consciousness as well as their perception. Marijuana has been proven that people who use it have problems with memory and learning, difficult with thinking, problem solving, and loss of coordination, hard time maintain attention span, not able to make the right judgments, and other things. Chronic users of marijuana may develop anxiety, depression and personality disorders.
I feel that it would be a big mistake legalizing marijuana in the United States; one of many dangers that will be involved will be more people will grow marijuana in their homes. This puts our children in harm’s way, making marijuana readily available to kids to smoke, take to school, to sell, or share with other kids. It has been stated in many articles, books, magazines and on the news that children/teens do not believe smoking marijuana affects their ability, as well they don’t feel smoking marijuana is a big deal. I feel this will lead to more problems like alcohol and tobacco did when it became legal.
Marijuana has a lot of medical properties, medical marijuana sole purpose has been used to treat people who are terminally ill. Marijuana has been known to alleviate pain, suppress symptoms in millions of patients who are suffering from chronic diseases such as AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, etc. I do believe marijuana should be used for its medical reason only. Just like all drugs that are classified as a Schedule I drug. There is a reason why drugs are illegal, because they are highly addictive and destructive to the safety of society; keeping it illegal reduces their use. Regardless if marijuana becoming legal or not, people will continue to smoke it no matter what the government says. Keeping it illegal will help keep it somewhat controlled.
Alcohol kills nearly 25,692 people and causes an estimated $223.5 billion in economic damage each year. Tobacco and Nicotine has kills nearly 6 million people and causes hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage worldwide each year. Marijuana will eventually reach these high numbers as well in time, the proof of that is in August 2014 Colorado’s Traffic Report that is in the paragraph below. We live in a society where abused is common, or people are addicted to just about anything; down too our cell phone, and the need to check our email fifty times a day, and food can just be as addicting as drugs can. The human mind is a very complex organ. In Freud’s theory about a person personality structure, the id is our first behavior that we are born with. The id operates according to the pleasure principle, which demand immediate gratification of its urges. Marijuana is said to affect the central nervous system (CNS).
According to the August 2014 Colorado HIDTA-High Intensity Drug Trafficking Report: In 2006 the state of Colorado’s traffic fatalities involving drivers who tested positive for marijuana represented 5 percent of the total traffic fatalities. This percentage is considerably low compared to drunk driving