Marijuana legalization Essay

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Marijuana or cannabis is a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug and as a medicine. Pharmacologically, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of 483 known compounds in the plant. Cannabis is often consumed for its psychoactive and physiological effects, which can include heightened mood or euphoria, relaxation, and an increase in appetite. Unwanted side-effects can sometimes include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills, reddening of the eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

As we all know, the use of or plantation of marijuana is considered to be illegal in most of the United States of America. The only way to get it is if a licensed doctor or therapist prescribed you to get some. The main question is that should it be legalized and removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco? Let’s find out. Legalizing and regulating marijuana will bring the nation's largest cash crop under the rule of law, creating jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. Scarce law enforcement resources that could be better used to protect public safety would be preserved while reducing corrections and court costs. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales. Take the example of the state of Colorado, The criminalization of marijuana use disproportionately harms young people and people of color, sponsors massive levels of violence and corruption, and fails to curb youth access. The Drug Policy Alliance advocates marijuana legalization through a well-regulated market for marijuana production and distribution. We seek to enact change on the state and federal level through ongoing legislative efforts and through high-profile ballot initiatives in upcoming election cycles. DPA helped lead the historic campaign in 2010 to support Proposition 19 in California. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first U.S. states -- and the first political jurisdictions anywhere in the world