Essay on Marijuana Legalization

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The human brain does not fully mature until the early twenties. Among the last areas to develop are those that govern impulse control and planning. So what does this mean for teens? On one hand they are more adventurous than adults and willing to take chances … on the other, this could involve risky behavior, including drug use. (Volcow)
Marijuana is a mixture made from the hemp plant- cannabis. The main ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which gives you your “high” feeling. Marijuana affects how you think and also your responsiveness to your environment. Many negative effects come along with smoking marijuana but most are not deadly such as with other drugs like crack/cocaine. Marijuana has been such a controversial issue in the United States and its mostly because everyone wants control over everything. Positive affects such as curing diseases make me side for the legalization but most people don’t use it for that reason. When I see that a person can alter their state of mind by using the drug I began to be against the legalization. Marijuana is a drug just like all other drugs so although it may not be that harmful it still has a negative effect.
Marijuana has been used for medical reasons for hundreds and hundreds of years. If it is helpful in medical procedures why isn’t it legal for everyone? People are being prescribed for medicinal marijuana all over for problems such as glaucoma and HIV/Aids. That’s all fine until someone abuses that and uses it for their own enjoyment. Although most people say that marijuana is not harmful, no one knows the long term effects it can have on a person. Chronic marijuana use can have a negative mental effect such as anxiety and depression.
Peer pressure is very huge among teens. Most first time users were pressured into smoking marijuana. Some people do it to fit in and be cool which are not good reasons to smoke. Although I think it should be your personal preference, people abuse their right to make decisions at times. Studies show that the use of marijuana leads to heavier drugs such as crack/cocaine, heroin and lots of others. We as a society shouldn’t allow ourselves to self-destruct by letting drugs invade our bodies, destroy our minds and weaken us. Legalizing marijuana would only open the door for a higher percentage of drug usage.
Lastly, I feel as though marijuana makes you lazy. When I see people that are “high” they are usually really laid back, sluggish and chill. They have no