The Legalization Of Marijuana

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How is that cigarettes and alcohol kill a large amount of people but yet is still legal? While marijuana causes less deaths and cures different types of medical problems but is illegal ? It just doesnt make sense. The legalization of marijuana would help our community, it would keep many of people out of jail then the police could actually start arresting the real criminals instead of the people caught with small amounts of marijuana on them. Also it is safer for you than plenty of legal drugs. The legalization of marijuana has been in discussion for many of years, it has been legalized in couple of states already.

The legalization of marijuana would help make our community a better place. Legalization would result in lower prices, this would help reduce crime such as distribution. There would be less drug dealers in the community because it would be sold in public places. Marijuana is no more harmful than legal drugs such as tobacco or alcohol which kill over 400,000 people per year. Our economy could benefit through the taxing of marijuana.

There would also be a downside to the legalization of marijuana. Some people suggest that those who use marijuana at a young age later find themselves using other drugs such as cocaine or heroine. Also there is a risk that people would start driving under the influence of marijuana, but people drive under the influence of alcohol daily so I don’t see what the problem is. Lastly some scientist say that marijuana can cause a lack of memory and cause lung damage, but cigarettes do the same exact thing except worse.

It is unlikely for marijuana to be legalized because of the controlled substance act, which is shown in the