Marijuana vs Alcohol Essay

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Drink Up? Or Toke Up? That is the Question
They were both icons of unforgettable eras: one, the glamorous nineteen twenties; the other, the revolutionary seventies. In the twenties, alcohol was sipped cautiously behind the walls of speakeasies; glasses clinking under the flashing lights of entertainment signs. The hippies of the sixties and seventies passed pipes of burning marijuana, promoting peace while protesting for the rights of millions of Americans. No doubt, both drugs have had a major influence on the country, both have had their “glory” days. After a time of prohibition, the once thought sinful substance of alcohol was re-legalized. Marijuana, on the other hand, remains illegal in the country of the United States. But
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But, like the lack of marijuana overdose cases, there are no recorded deaths where marijuana use was the cause (Foland.) Unfortunately, because alcohol is legal, and marijuana isn’t, some people are lead to believe that slamming down four glasses of whiskey a night is not going to hurt them, which is undoubtedly false.
While the effects of long term alcohol use are clear when it comes to one’s health, it is often times even more clear as to how much it affects the personal safety of others. Violence and alcohol seem to go hand in hand; they’ve always appeared to be the best of friends. Who hasn’t witnessed a bar fight in their lives? Some guy standing five feet nine inches tall gains what many describe as “drunken muscles”, and belligerently decides to fight the guy across the room who slightly resembles Hulk Hogan. This is not an uncommon occurrence, because alcohol is known to increase the likelihood of violence. Domestic violence is also shown to increase when the abuser is drinking. In fact, alcohol is a factor in two out of every three violent incidents that occur between spouses and significant others. If an abusive husband comes home from work and pops open a Bud Light, his wife’s chances of getting abused that night are eleven times more likely than if he’d opened a can of Pepsi. It is unquestionable that alcohol is a direct cause of violence. In contrast, marijuana is rarely